• I can truly say that I valued my experienced learning yoga with Vyasa Yoga Peeth. All the teachers are very experienced and interesting. They have a broad knowledge on the subjects as well as the experience that they could share with the students for the course. It is a complete mental, physical and spiritual journey. Well done and I definitely come back to sought for more knowledge.

    Amit Nautiyal
  • The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training had been a really good experience. I learnt a lot of different things. It is an interesting course, because they don’t teach us practice, they teach you much more. I didn’t know nothing about the philosophy of yoga and now I think is the most important. The Teachers are great, each of them. They had been our family in those days. I have to do as special mention about Tuna ji he is now more than a teacher, he is a good friend. He has shown us about Indian culture. We had a really fun time. I am very happy with everything. The food is very good but they did not change the menu frequently.

  • After 4 weeks doing the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training I feel so happy because I have had the opportunity to do this course in this magic place, which is rishikesh. I could met with wonderful people, lovely classmates and really nice teachers. I have learnt a lot of things about yoga, furthermore I have had very good experiences outside the school too. I am so grateful to my special teacher, Tuna ji, he has been more than a teacher, now I can feel that he is a great friend of us. All the staff have been very helpful in every moment when I needed of them. The food were very good at first, but after one week I started to feel very bored because always it was the same. In conclusion, It has been a wonderful experience and I recommend to everyone because I have enjoyed a lot and I have learnt too many things very important for life.

    Rossy Ji