200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course, Pokhara, Nepal

Just like nature extends irrespective of boundaries, we at Vyasa Yoga Peeth thought of extending our yoga practices irrespective of geographies. The serene environment of Nepal and the utmost presence of Himalayas – performing yoga in such an atmosphere set the mood and help us meditate better. And so we thought of having our centre in Nepal too! 200 hour yoga TTC in Nepal is thus even better. Our expert teachers, best of the environment and the dedicated students – what else a yoga school can long for?

Care is taken that every faculty at Vyasa Yoga Peeth in Nepal pay utmost attention to each student, whether a beginner or an expert. The school provides Yoga Teacher Training courses accredited to the Yoga Alliance, USA.

Yoga Alliance USA 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

We provide intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Teaching in Nepal. The course is a Yoga Alliance USA certified and is designed especially such that beginner, intermediate and advanced students can be benefitted alike. Designed on the principles of Yoga Science, students have to undergo strict training sessions that instil in them the urge of living a simpler and better life driven by self-restrain, control and discipline. After completion, they can become a registered yoga teacher and can impart their knowledge to others too.

Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Nepal

200 hour YTTC is a foundation course for the beginners. The training covers posture techniques, science of meditation, the principles of asanas, the science behind energy and anatomy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy, traditional and classical yoga and Yoga Nidra. Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga is paid special emphasis. The course aims at strengthening the body and mind of the student, as well as frees the body from diseases, which is absolutely necessary if you are looking forward to becoming a Yoga Instructor. Training in Nepal is conducted in the month of September, Beauty of Nepal is at its extreme in this month and that sets a mood for yoga. Our expert teachers in the presence of most suitable environment work hard to derive the most eligible yoga guru out of you.

Module Taught in 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in India:

  • Asanas or body postures, involved in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Laughter Yoga.

  • History of yogic sciences and its relations to Vedas.

  • Brief theory of Yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Mental relaxation focused upon by way of meditation & healing.

  • Deep cleansing & detoxification of the body by way of Ayurveda.

  • Sanskrit names of the asanas & their connection to the muscles.

  • Ayurveda treatment by way of Ayurvedic massages & other treatments explained.

  • Teaching lessons & methods for conducting classes.

  • Stress free living techniques.

  • Yog nidra, chakra healing etc.

Vyasa Yoga Peeth is a place where a yogi’s aspirations come true and his efforts see the dawn of reality. One of the best yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh, our school offers systematic approach to this ancient art of well-being.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training also Covers

With so much to learn & grasp from the inexhaustive field of yoga, we have chosen the best modules & practices. In our 200 hour YTTC, we also focus on:

  • Detoxification Process:

    We have set practices which follow in order to cleanse our students system viz Ayurveda and offer a healthy body.

  • Pranayama:

    Well known breathing practices are followed in order to calm the mind and derive maximum results

  • Hand Gestures:

    Mudras or hand gestures plays a pivotal role in correcting internal body ailments.

  • Meditation:

    Focusing on the mind is an important part of Yoga and therefore, we lay equal emphasis on teaching proper mediation practices to help our students overcome mental stress.

  • Bandhas:

    Body locks to enable better blood circulation and increased body movement, Bandhas are taught.


Yoga Alliance Certified, Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Is Best Because:

Students are provided with world class facilities

Proper accommodation arranged

Optimum location

24 X 7 Wi-Fi connection

Hygienically built food including vegetarian and Ayurveda meals

Yoga Alliance certified teachers

Proper attention on novices and experts alike

Deeper insight on every yoga kriya
Meditation, Naturopathy, Philosophy, Postures – everything covered!

Our motto is to train great Yoga-Gurus who can in return give world class training to others and hence continue the great legacy of Yogic Sciences through many more generations to come and at the same time spread the word that Yoga is the only way of embracing simple and peaceful living, in harmony with nature.

Daily Schedule
200 hrs TTC

  • Good Morning ! - Tea 6.00 am
  • Mantra Chanting 6.15 am
  • Pranayama Breathing Practice 7.15 am
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa (Learn - Practice - Allingment -Adjustment ) 8.30 am
  • Breakfast - Rest - ChitChat 10.00 am
  • Yoga Philosophy 11.30 am
  • Lunch - Rest 1.30 pm
  • Self study 2.15 pm
  • Yoga Anatomy and Yoga Therapy 3.15 pm
  • Tea Break 4.45 pm
  • Hatha Yoga (Learn - Practice - Allingment -Adjustment ) 5.00 pm
  • Meditation and Ayurveda 6.45 pm
Start Date End Date Price With Private Room Price With Shared Room
3rd November 2016 30th November 2016 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd December 2016 30th December 2016 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd January 2017 30th January 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd February 2017 28th February 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd March 2017 30th March 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd April 2017 30th April 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd May 2017 30th May 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd June 2017 30th June 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd July 2017 30th July 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd August 2017 30th August 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd September 2017 30th September 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd October 2017 30th October 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd November 2017 30th November 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD
3rd December 2017 3oth December 2017 1690 USD 1490 USD